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We’re shaping the energy transition’s future by providing solutions to both current and future challenges.


We develop digital solutions for the energy transition in the heart of Baden-Württemberg. Our solutions are based on blockchain technology, which allows for the decentralization of processes while also making them transparent and open to all. The energy transition is both dynamic and effective thanks to the combination of OLI hardware and software.


The OLI Ecosystem

The cellular energy management system of the future will have data autonomy and vendor independence thanks to open source hardware and software, as well as scalability thanks to blockchain technology.


Our digital solutions for a successful energy transition


Smart charging solutions

How do we charge millions of electric cars at once, day by day? OLI Move enables existing infrastructure to meet the exponentially growing demand for energy at all types of charging points through intelligent charging management. Interfacing with our OLI ecosystem transforms a challenge into an opportunity.

Blockchain-based guarantee of origin

Where does the electricity come from, and are all of the kWh used truly renewable? OLI Label uses blockchain technology to identify a kWh directly from the producer and to store this information inviolably. When it comes to consumption, the origin can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The Energy Industry 4.0

The traditional approach of a few large, centralised power plants is increasingly dying out. The void left by these traditional producers will be filled by a slew of smaller, decentralized generators. For the emerging decentralized energy industry 4.0, OLI Market provides the right platform and technology.

Automated logging

OLI Meter enables a new level of digitization by connecting OLI hardware to the Smartmeter Gateway (SMGW). IoT meters and smoke detectors become blockchain ready. Automated logging from all over the world, data secure, decentralized and forgery-proof replaces manual logging.

Successful cooperation needs strong partners

We are OLI

Peter Vogel and Dr. Ole Langniß, the two founders of OLI Systems GmbH, were united by a common goal in 2015: to advance and shape the digital energy revolution. Today, this vision has given birth to a powerful, multicultural team of passionate experts from various disciplines who embody it.


Our drive, your joy

OLI Harthausen Opening

After successfully moving into our new office in Stuttgart, we are now opening our new company site in Harthausen (Palatine) where we hope to attract some qualified staff from the

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