OLI Label

Blockchain provides a forgery-proof guarantee of origin. No greenwashing when it comes to renewable energy with OLI Label.


OLI Label is the revolutionary way to ensure the origin of green energy.

No greenwashing, true green energy

What is the source of the electricity we use, and is it truly 100 percent renewable? Currently, the market has a lot of room for improvement.

OLI Label allows for unrestricted energy consumption tracking. OLI Label records renewable electricity, heat, biogas, and hydrogen directly at the point of production and writes this data to blockchain in a tamper-proof way that can be traced at any time.

At the point of consumption, transparency is essential.

Consumers can now pinpoint the source of their electricity to the quarter-hour.

In the case of CO2 taxes, OLI Label provides a detailed, tamper-proof history of each kilowatt hour that can be tracked at any time. There is no certificate trading or greenwashing, just true CO2 neutrality and renewable energy.

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