The OLI ecosystem

Seamlessly collaborating solutions and components, working together or alone.


Blockchain as the beating heart of our ecosystem

An operating system for the energy transition

Since 2016 OLI develovs soft-, and hardware components for the integration of blockchain technology in energy management scenarios. As the first external validator of the internationally well known Energy Web Chain and as an active member of the EWF we are supporting the technical improvement of this promising platform. 

The vision of a blockchain based operating system for the increasingly decentralized needs of the energy transition has flowed into several products.

Decentralized and forgery-proof

Data and processes can be stored transparently but securely on the platform we have developed. From simple measurement data management (MDM) and guarantees of origin to dynamic, local energy markets, an enormous number of energy management applications can be mapped via the blockchain.

Together with our partners, we create new added value and transform complex, non-transparent processes into decentralized, transparent and secure processes.


Based on the companys vision to develop an independent, blockchain based ecosystem led to the creation of a future oriented product cluster.

The intelligent load management system OLI Move seemlessly works together with OLI Market, a trading system for flexibility and energy. Furthermore, OLI Label and OLI Meter are integrated without barriers, to forms a revolutionizing system of handling, trading, and monitoring energy.

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