OLI Market

Our technology for the energy industry 4.0: A futuristic energy trading platform for everyone


OLI Market is revolutionizing the way of trading energy

The energy market is becoming more dynamic.

OLI Market is the energy industry’s 4.0 platform. New challenges are emerging as energy production becomes more decentralised and the role of electricity as an energy source for our mobility shifts.

We connect producers and consumers with OLI Market, a blockchain-based software platform that allows for greater flexibility in energy trading.

Local energy markets

Energy should be used as close to its source as possible. We are already enabling local producers and consumers to actively participate in the energy transition through domestic energy production, energy communities, and direct marketing of green electricity via peer-to-peer networks.

In the evolving Energy Market 4.0, OLI Market provides a platform for the direct and indirect trading of energy, as well as the emerging versatility between users.

Now available

OLI Community

The OLI Mieterstrom brings together local energy producers and consumers. Companies or property owners with PV systems can sell their generated or surplus electricity to local consumers directly.

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