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OLI Move revolutionizes the charging of electric vehicles.

E-mobility is picking up speed

We are in the midst of a trend reversal in which internal combustion engines are increasingly being replaced by electric engines.

Several million electric vehicles will be on German roads by 2025, according to current trends. But how will millions of electric cars be charged? How do we prepare our vulnerable power grid, as well as the infrastructure in underground garages, business parks, and other areas that aren’t designed to handle large peak loads, for future challenges?

The peak problem

If the simultaneous charging of several electric cars if left unregulated, this inevitably leads to enormous spikes in output. On a small scale, this has an impact on on-site infrastructure, such as when the existing power grid cannot handle the load.

The challenges of such output spikes are passed on to our power grid on a larger scale. People usually point to costly expansion and replacement as a solution to the local infrastructure problem.

Überlastung der Infrastruktur durch zu viele gleichzeitige Ladeanfragen

Successfully avoid peak spikes

OLI Move revolutionizes the conventional approach to charging. By involving the driver in the charging process, the process becomes more flexible. The intelligent software can then process this data in a way that benefits the infrastructure and grid.

As a result, costly investments in new infrastructure are avoided, overheating risks are reduced, and electric vehicles are reliably charged at predetermined times.

Now available

OLI Real Estate

OLI Move is a true game changer for larger multi-family homes, corporate parking lots, apartment building companies, and deep garages. Intelligent, smart charging solutions enable the installation of as many charging points as possible on existing infrastructure without the need for costly investments in new, larger conduits.

great reasons

OLI Move

Simple planning

For new lines, there are no time-consuming calculations or construction work

Modular system

Simple choice between essential and additional functions


Our team of experts provides guidance and support throughout the project

Multi-family houses

Connect residents and tenants to the charging network at low cost

Low requirements

Already possible with normal, existing infrastructure


For company parking lots, installation is quick and simple

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