OLI for prosumers and consumers

With OLI, prosumers and consumers become active members of the Energiewende. OLI is the ideal operating system which offers many different options.

  • It maximizes the personal share of energy to lower the costs for energy
  • Sharing energy within the OLI community by using Blockchain technology
  • Profit from cheap energy stock market shares due to the connection to the energy market
  • Continuous expansion of services through the OLI App sotre, which results in improved comfort, more security, and many new opportunities beyond energy
  • Low-cost – simply get started and try it out
  • Implementation of tenant’s sub-metered electricity supply models and optimized supply of industrial zones
  • Privacy by design – data autonomy of users is maximized
  • Independence from manufacturers by using Open Source in hard- and software makes OLI future-proof




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